BBOC Spring Extravaganza!!!

Join us April 15th for the Briscoe Business Ownership Club’s last event of the Winter semester. We’ve listened to you feedback and know that you want more of the inspiring stories that our guest speakers bring to each event.

This interactive opportunity will bring together four panelists with unique experiences in entrepreneurship through acquisition. They’ll walk us through each stage of their individual journeys, and allow ample time for questions after the talk and during our networking cocktail that follows.

These are the topics we’ll be covering during the panel:

Stage 1 – Is Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition For You?

Stage 2 – Preparing For Your Search

Stage 3 – Finding the Right Business and Due Diligence

Stage 4 – Getting Financing and Making an Offer

We have also invited Adam Jezewski, who’s spent much of his professional life in private equity and comes with a wealth of knowledge, to address the crowd after the panel wraps up.

So sleep in a bit on Sunday (your last chance before finals!), and come on by for a big dose of inspiration and fun! As always, we’ll be providing food and drinks to keep you well-nourished.

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